Private company owners and investors need counsel with a keen understanding of their business goals, as well as the challenges they face in owning, investing, and operating their company. Bradley’s Business Divorce team has extensive experience representing private company owners and investors who have invested substantial time, effort, and financial capital in their successful private companies. When conflicts arise between business partners that call for the exit of a partner from the company, Bradley’s Business Divorce lawyers assist our clients in resolving the many different types of issues involved in these disputes as we guide them through the process of a business divorce.

Business divorce disputes take place between private company majority owners and minority investors who may be the cofounders of the company, family members, or longtime friends. As with a personal divorce, conflicts between those who hold substantial ownership stakes in private companies can be complex, personal, and highly contentious. Adding to the complexity, these disputes can arise in several different types of business entities, and the laws regarding their governance and operation can differ in important ways. Experienced legal counsel who have a track record of providing private company owners and investors with sound advice and strategic guidance can be invaluable in these circumstances.

A business divorce can result from a long-held disagreement between business partners or it can be triggered by other factors, including a change in leadership, a sudden and material change (good or bad) in the company’s financial performance, a third-party claim or an external challenge that threatens the company’s continued success. The conflict may escalate between business partners to such an extent that it becomes difficult for them to agree on a pragmatic resolution. When emotions between partners run high, Bradley’s Business Divorce attorneys remain focused on securing results by executing on a carefully designed plan to achieve the client’s specific business objectives. Our lawyers always seek to negotiate a favorable business resolution that avoids the need for legal action, but when a reasonable win-win outcome is not possible, we actively prosecute and defend claims for our clients in litigation or arbitration proceedings.

Our Business Divorce attorneys are dedicated to and proactive in protecting our clients’ business interests. From the first meeting with a new client, we develop, pursue, and implement strategies geared to resolving the conflict with the business partner, preserving the full value of the business, while also seeking to manage, and to the extent possible, mitigate the stress that is inherent when disputes between business partners take place.

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