Bradley’s Business Divorce blog is a resource for majority owners and minority investors in private companies and for spouses with complex property issues arising in marital divorce proceedings. In our posts, we will discuss topics involving the ownership of and investment in private companies, including issues that relate to conflicts that arise among business partners in private companies. If you are a majority owner or minority investor in private companies, the business and legal advisors of those owners and investors, or an individual business owner who is going through a divorce, this blog should help you navigate the business issues related to those proceedings.

Our topics will cover a broad range of business, transactional, and succession issues, including:

  • Critical terms in buy-sell agreements and related issues
  • Valuing private companies and interests in them
  • Conflicts and issues specific to 50-50 owned businesses
  • Considerations before acquiring a minority ownership stake in a private company
  • Considerations before majority owners accept a private equity investment in their business
  • The legal (fiduciary) standards that apply to majority owners in operating their businesses
  • Options and remedies available to minority owners who are unhappy with their minority partners
  • Options and remedies available to majority owners who are unhappy with their minority investors
  • Key provisions of LLC agreements, i.e., what goes into governance documents
  • Pros and cons of arbitration provisions as a means of dispute resolution
  • The potential use of squeeze out mergers to remove minority partners from the business
  • The role played by reps and warranty insurance in a business purchase/sale
  • What makes a good/bad business partner and how to tell in advance
  • What goes into establishing a positive business culture and why it is important
  • What is the “imposter syndrome” and why does it pose a risk for business owners

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